K-Rations Podcast

K-RationsK-Rations: A new FREE weekly podcast available!

As the name suggests this is a "K-Ration" which stands for "Koinonia Ration". A "ration" is defined as a fixed allowance of provisions of food, especially for soldiers Military Personnel, or for civilians during a shortage.

The K-Ration is NOT meant as a total food supplement but rather a way for a starving Christian to have a weekly Ration of food; A Bible study, a Question and Answers time, a Topical study or a Global Update in which he can have a weekly ration for his soul. During each podcast we will also be giving a special look into products available from Koinonia House, our upcoming conferences or any other materials which may be of interest to you.

This is an all-round way for you to stay connected to what's going on in Koinonia House.