Tattoos forbidden? Can we receive the “Mark” by force? - Q&A 14th September 2016

This week, Chuck and Ron discuss some more of your questions.  If you would like to skip to a particular question, please use the times below:
01:14 – Thus sayeth the Lord?
06:33 – Can we receive the “Mark” by force, or accident?
08:42 – Are we ALL called to Ministry?
14:09 – How do we find out WHAT our CALLING is?
16:32 – Who Authored Hebrews?
19:08 – Why did God harden Pharaohs' heart?
22:38 – How is the 3rd Temple relevant?
25:19 – Are Tattoos forbidden and a form of Idolatry?
29:46 – A potential Prophetic Model?
30:44 – What happened to Jesus whilst he was dead?
33:29 – Why 153 Fish?
35:32 – Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter?
39:54 – Are there more than 1 Heaven?
43:38 – Where will we be raptured to?
44:37 – Will we be outside of Space-Time after the rapture?
46:24 – Meaning of Exodus 6:3?
48:25 – Does Satan suffer or experience pain now?
49:57 – Is Samson a Christ like figure?
52:29 – Explaining the Targum?
54:39 – Explaining the Firmaments!
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