Repairing Biblical Illiteracy! Hate Crime Laws? Being LUKEWARM! QA Aug 10 2016

This week, Chuck and Ron discuss some more of your questions.  If you would like to skip to a particular question, please use the times below:
03:15 – Help Repair Biblical Illiteracy!
15:07 – Strategic Perspectives Conference speaker linup
22:21 – Hate Crime Laws? More in-depth investigation than last week.
26:01 – Are there parts of Enoch inspired?
27:51 – Believe in Extra Terrestrial Life REJECTS Jesus?
31:56 – John 5:28,29 Rapture OR Second Coming?
36:01 – What things are highlighting the Rapture?
41:55 – What does the “Whole World” really mean?
43:23 – Is there “tainted DNA” in humans today?  Can they be saved?
48:15 – What is the definition of SIN?
49:08 – What is being “lukewarm?”
55:18 – Rebuilding Babylon/Baghdad?
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