Americans Unprepared? Can Satan Repent? How does God Communicate? QA Aug 10th 2016

This week, Chuck and Ron discuss some more of your questions.  If you would like to skip to a particular question, please use the times below:
00:45 - Why is the Flag Pin Unside Down?
02:48 - People unprepared in America!
08:33 - What is “Prophesy is Pattern?”
10:14 - Who are the Overcomers?
13:31 - The difference of Demons and Fallen Angels?
18:26 - Is Christianity a religion?
22:08 - What will we see in Heaven?
23:05 - Can Satan Repent?
25:38 - Is Marijuana a sin?
26:42 - Praying for salvation of the Dead?
29:45 - What is the best Bible Translation?
33:33 - Any Translation easier than KJV?
35:23 - What is inspired scripture?
36:39 - Dp Christians need to Repent?
37:23 - Who are the Jesuits?
39:33 - Are we still under the Law?
41:40 - How does God Communicate?
43:54 - Did Caiaphas enter the Holy of Holies?
44:54 - Who is the “people of the prince who will come?”
46:36 - What happens to a Jew who rejects Jesus?
47:44 - Hate Crime Law?
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