Once Saved Always Saved? Mandela Effect? Age of the Universe? QA 13 July 2016

Is the Mandela Effect something to worry about? When we are saved, is it a 'Done deal?' Join Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen discuss then questions YOU have sent in.
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00:53 - Is the New Testament Inerrant?
02:22 - Bible translation Dynamic Equivalence?
06:25 - Israel/Turkey Relations?
08:58 - Conference Advert
11:10 - Once Saved Always Saved?
25:11 - What about the Mandela Effect?
30:10 - The Age of the Universe?
36:34 - Marriage in Heaven?
39:16 - Appearance of Elijah?
45:02 - Timing of the Wedding Feast? 
45:51 - Prophecy and the Feasts of Israel?

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