10 Virgins? Speaking in Tongues? Other Created Humans? QA 22 June 2016

This week, Chuck and Ron discuss some more of your questions.  If you would like to skip to a particular question, please use the times below:
03:58 - Receiving Special Revelations from God
07:44 - What about the “New Jerusalem?”
10:50 - The Origin of Demons
12:49 - Prophesy NOT for Predictions?
19:01 - What happens next on the Prophetic Calendar? 
21:35 - Difference of Fallen Angels and Demons!
23:02 - Where there other Humans created in the beginning?
28:36 - Why did God save the Animals on the Ark?
33:43 - Is the Rapture shown in the book of Job?
34:36 - Where are the plans for the 3rd Temple?
38:02 - Who are the 10 Virgins?
40:38 - Group Prayer vs Individual Prayer Effectiveness? 
43:57 - How long will God pour out His final wrath?
45:25 - Speaking in Tongues after Salvation.
47:50 - Can Divorcees serve in Ministry?
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